Driver Genius Professional Edition

Driver Genius Professional Edition 14.0

Developer Driver-Soft Inc.

Driver Genius improves PC performance with the powerful driver manager.

Clone My DVD

Clone My DVD 1.7

Developer CloneMyDVD software

Clone your CDs or DVDs easily, in just three simple steps.

321Soft Clone CD

321Soft Clone CD 1.2

Developer 321soft studio

Clone your important Data CD, Video CD, Audio CD quickly and easily for backup.

Easy CD Clone

Easy CD Clone 1.1


It's a small but effective application that creates backup copies of CD disks.


Driver Webcam Clone

DVD Clone Factory

DVD Clone Factory 6.0

Developer DCFIT Co., Ltd.

DVD Clone Factory: Perfect clone your favorite DVD movies.

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 3.8

Developer Moleskinsoft

Moleskinsoft's Clone Remover is a small utility to find duplicate files.

DVD Clone Studio

DVD Clone Studio 2.4

Developer Co., Ltd.

DVD Clone Studio: backup your favorite DVD movies.


PhotoFuff 0.0

Developer Libero Spagnolini

An Apple Photobooth clone that distorts in real-time your webcam video stream.

A123 DVD Clone

A123 DVD Clone 3.4

Developer A123 Software, Inc.

A123 DVD Clone is fast, professional DVD clone software.

Abcc DVDClone

Abcc DVDClone 3.0

Developer Abcc Software, Inc.

Abcc DVD Clone is professional, easy-to-use DVD clone software.

Any DVD Clone

Any DVD Clone 1.3

Developer Any-DVD-Clone Inc.

Any DVD Clone is the very DVD software for easily decrypting of your owned DVDs!


Windboxes 1.4

Developer Lars Mohrmann

The game fits into the action-puzzle genre, but it is not a tetris clone. You'll be surprised by it'...

Driver Webcam Sonix Livr8421V01

Driver Webcam Sonix Livr8421V01 5.7

Developer SYS :

Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes

Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes 1.0

Developer LucasArts

Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes allows fans to play the clone wars.


Driver Webcam Clone

PC Disk Clone

PC Disk Clone 11.2

Developer PC Disk Tools Corporation

PC Disk Clone X is a Windows Backup program that allows hard drive cloning.

Free Clone Stamp Tool

Free Clone Stamp Tool 2.0


Free clone stamp tool and healing brush. Fix stains & wrinkles, remove objects.

GorMedia MoreCam Splitter

GorMedia MoreCam Splitter 3.1

Developer GorMedia, Inc.

Unique technology all world to split your physical webcam directly.

Alinco DX-SR8 Clone Utility

Alinco DX-SR8 Clone Utility 1.2

Developer Alinco Inc.

Program to clone the settings and update the firmware of DX-SR8T/E.

Driver webcam Logitech

Driver webcam Logitech 2.0

Developer Logitech Inc.

Free Webcam Capture

Free Webcam Capture 1.4

Developer HugeFound, Inc.

Capture webcam video chatting and skype video calls.

MOBILedit! SIM Clone

MOBILedit! SIM Clone 3.2

Developer COMPELSON Labs

MOBILedit! SIM Clone allows you to make copies of SIM cards without the PIN.

Clone Files Checker

Clone Files Checker 4.1

Developer SORCIM Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Allows you to delete duplicate files and create more disk space effortlessly.

apph Clone Clone

apph Clone Clone 1.3

Developer paypa

firefox hub5 Clone Clone

firefox hub5 Clone Clone 1.3

Developer paypa

Driver WebCam

Driver WebCam 1.6

Developer RXKyu

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